Senin, 16 Juli 2012

1 10 Wanita Terseksi di Indonesia

FHM models, actresses, singers, TV presenters, "selebritis"... If you just arrived in Indonesia, there are some girls' names that you will hear over and over... In no particular order, here is a list of the 10 sexiest Indonesian celebrities of the moment:

1) Sandra Dewi
Actress, she is also famous for shooting many TV spots, for brands such as Ponds, Clear and You C1000.

2) Tiara Lestari
Tiara, the "first Nude Playboy Model from Indonesia".

3) Dwi Putrantiwi
FHM model...

4) Julia Perez (Jupe)
Julia had an article about her in the NY Times... I don't find her that sexy but I would get complain if I didn't mention her here...

5) Sarah Azhari
The "Paris Hilton of Indonesia", she had some nude photos of her that leaked on the internet... Half Indo/Half Arab.

6) Ratu Felisha
FHM model and actress.

7) Cynthiara Alona
FHM model, she also did some acting... Very sexy but she had some plastic surgery...

8) Indah Kalalo
Model and actress in a few sitcoms. She is also the presenter for Indonesian Models on Indosiar.

9) Aura Kasih
Both cute and sexy, Aura was born in 1988, she was a finalist of Miss Indonesia in 2007 from the Lampung province. She then had a small success with the song Mari Bercinta.

10) Farah Quinn
Presented as the sexiest chef in the world, I don't really find her that pretty... She had her boob, lips and nose done, and look like an Californian porn actress more than an Indonesian girl.

By the way, you may think these women are unaccessible? You are wrong... I actually have friends who dated some of these girls. You are most likely to meet them (and other models/actresses) in nightclubs like Dragonfly, X2 or Blowfish. As a foreigner, if you are young, you have your chance if you decide to go talk to them... I'm not saying it will always work but you should at least give it a try...

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